Crow Summer Institute

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    CSI is sponsored by:

    • Little Big Horn College

      Little Big Horn College 

      Little Big Horn College, a 1994 Land Grant Institution, is the Crow higher education and cultural center that grants Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees and certificates in areas that reflect the developing economic opportunities and social needs of the Crow Indian Reservation and surrounding communities, offering instruction by traditional and distance education methods. The College is dedicated to the professional, vocational and personal development of individual students for their advancement in higher education or the workplace and inspiring Crow and American Indian Scholar

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    • Crow Language Consortium

      Crow Language Consortium 

      Crow Language Consortium is a collective of Crow schools, colleges, and educators that are working to preserve Apsáalooke (the Crow language) to ensure we can pass it on to future generations. We work to support Crow learners and teachers by developing language materials such as textbooks, dictionaries, flashcards, posters and more; by providing access to apps and multimedia; and by organizing intensive teacher training and workshops. Today, we are working with many Crow speakers to certify them as teachers in best-practice teaching methodologies. For more information, visi

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    • The Language Conservancy

      The Language Conservancy 

      We believe that all languages have an inherent right to exist - that they are valued and irreplaceable facets of a people’s culture and of humanity’s linguistic heritage. The Language Conservancy (TLC) is dedicated to rescuing the world’s ever-increasing number of endangered languages, restoring them to stability and health, and safeguarding them for future generations. The Language Conservancy helps prevent the extinction of languages by raising funds, by increasing the international public awareness of the language-loss crisis, creating language tools to preserve the culture, and by providin

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