CRW 103 – Teaching Crow Level 3 Methods

  • Course Description:

    This course is an intensive practical overview of teaching Lakota using the Speak Crow! Level 3 textbook. This course will emphasize teaching reading skills in Crow through the concepts of advance organizers and schema; teaching structures and grammar through contextualized exercises; teaching vocabulary through props, flashcards and Total Physical Response methods; and teaching conversational skills through task-based small-group activities. We will address the specific materials in each unit of the Level 3 textbook. We will also address classroom management techniques for the language classroom as well as using different teaching modalities to address diverse learning styles. We will work through each unit of the Level 3 textbook for specific ideas about teaching those structures, vocabulary, conversational patterns, and possible cultural additions.

    Course Objectives:

    To introduce teachers in the effective use of the Level 3 textbook, so that they are adept at preparing lesson plans and teaching classes using this material.


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