CRW 240 – Process Writing I

  • As one of the four basic language skills writing is an important component of learning a second language. Writing can reinforce what language students learn through classroom activities or other exposure to the target language. It allows contextual use of vocabulary and grammar. In order for Crow language teachers to employ the advantages of writing, they have to be introduced to the methods of process writing, as an approach to creating texts in various genres, developing their own specific literary style and broadening up the ability to express ideas and concepts in Crow clearly and eloquently. Language teachers who can write in the target language are generally better in teaching writing.

    Process writing focuses on allowing language learners to write with plenty of room left for error. Correction begins gradually, and students are encouraged to write or communicate through writing regardless of their knowledge of grammar and structure.

    This course will introduce the stages of process writing (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing/sharing) and the process of suggesting corrections by the teacher. It will also provide the opportunity for the participants to practice process writing.


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